Oven Fries Three Ways

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Oven fries are heaven.  They’re better than the deep-fried version because the roasting process amplifies the potato’s flavor.  I’ve used heirloom variety starchy potatoes for oven fries and have been astonished by how delicious they can be.  You absolutely must use a starchy potato- like a russet- for oven fries.  Low-starch varieties will be too squishy when picked up. Read more

Pan-Roasted Grouper with Provençal Vegetables

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Adapted from The Best of Cooking Light

This is my favorite kind of recipe.  Elegant enough for a dinner party but simple enough for a weekday without skimping on nicely developed flavor.  It works equally with grouper, cod or halibut.  Snapper or salmon could be nice too. Read more

Roasted Green Beans with Garlic and Shallot Oil

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We eat these like French fries.  They’re just that good.  Roasting them allows me to pop them in the oven about 15 minutes before I serve dinner and not really have to think about them.  I really love the Maillard reaction that gives them such great flavor on the part that makes contact with the pan. Read more