Love-ya Lasagna

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Another great thing about lasagna: kids can easily get in on the act, rolling noodles, drizzling sauce or dolloping ricotta. It is wonderful thing to make your act of hospitality a family effort.


I’m not sure that I’ve ever ordered it in a restaurant- or that I ever would- but lasagna is one of my favorite foods. It isn’t about the sweet/savory taste and cacophony of textures, though a bite of great lasagna is incomparably satisfying. It is a love thing. I’ve yet to discover another food that captures affection on a fork the way that lasagna does.

Lasagna is my go-to food as an offering to other people. They may have just had a baby, lost a loved one or be experiencing health issues. When I need to say “I love you and want the best for you,” I forgo cheesy cards in favor of a cheesy lasagna. Read more

Craveable Veggie Burgers

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One of the bigger challenges in feeding my family well is the minivan roadtrip.  Ack!  It has been such a temptation to throw my hands up in despair and give in to the siren call of the fast food islands at the side of the road.  But I now have my iPhone!  I can pass a hundred miles of freeway looking for little food gems in far-flung towns along our routes.  I’ve made a science of discerning the truth behind the chatter of sites like Yelp. Read more

Kale Chips

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DSC_0383Really? I mean, really? KALE CHIPS?!?

Yup. This is not like that recipe that the health nut mom with the hemp diaper bag gave you that you can only bring yourself to eat because they’re good for you. Kale chips are so good you’d want to eat ‘em even if they weren’t good for you.   Read more