The Foodlife Journey: Savoring With My Eyes

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I shot this my first time out with my camera at the Farmer's Market- mere days after my first conversation with Gil. This shot will always be dear to me because it demonstrated to me that maybe I could actually pull this whole photography thing off.

I want to share some of my favorite unpublished food photos with you before I sign off for the next 8 weeks. Though I’m not a professional photographer, I’m proud of these. They make me happy. When I look at them, I think, “Wow. I shot that.” These photos are an important part of my own foodlife journey. Read more

Culinary Xanax

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I now have one more important criterion for a new house: ambient light quality. We're just off a four-day whirlwind house hunting trip in Westchester County, NY. I shot this to test the quality of light on the range top. This little cup with cotton-tipped swabs was just sitting on the counter. Pretty, eh? It's a promising backdrop for the Ready Prep Go! kitchen of the future.


I am in the middle of another relocation- the fourth in 10 years. We’re headed back to New York- whenever we get there. The emotional and practical chaos has been crushing. House-hunting trips, home showings and endless to-do lists have squeezed home cooking out of my life. Exercise time has become unpredictable. I’ve imbibed too many of my daily allotment of calories from stemware. Read more

The Foodlife Journey

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Happy New Year!

This time last year, I received an email from my friend, Shannon, wishing me and all of her friends a Happy New Year. No, she wasn’t absurdly late with her to-do list.  She was making the point that- as a mother of school-aged kids- the time of the year when really senses newness is the beginning of the school year. She’s right, isn’t she? Read more

In search of America-shoku

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Living in Shirotori, Japan was the equivalent of living in rural Appalachia. Here I am at age 20 on the only transportation I had aside from my own two feet. Enamored and fascinated by the countryside, I ran long distances so that I could see, smell and hear even more of this place. I ran so much that, by the time I got home that fall, I had unintentionally trained enough to run my first marathon. So I did.

I traded in tagines for dashi this winter.  I’ve been having a two-year long affair with the food of Morocco.  I still love it, but Japanese cooking has me under its spell of late.   I guess it is- in part- about contrast.  I joke with Bill that- should he meet with an untimely demise or just really piss me off- my next love would probably be a cowboy or logger or something.  I mean, I’ve had a banker already.  I’d want something new.  Right?  This is surely the origin of my crush on Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs).

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