The Outer Limits of Beets

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Well, that was interesting.

I accomplished my objective, diverging from my morning breakfast rotation, which was boring the hell out of me. Now I know that I do not like beets in pancakes. Read more

Honey, I’m hooOoome!

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A successful move is a lot like a successful birth: everyone’s delighted to simply report the healthy existence of all the participants at the end. No one expects that its not gonna be painful.

We are loving Larchmont. The kids are happy and have been embraced by their new schools. The house is really comfortable. We have fantastic neighbors. It is all just so good.

…but it hurts like hell. Even today. Read more

Country Seasoning: Frying Pans Into the Fire

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The gopher lady's husband

There’s a summer flea market only ¼ mile away from my parent’s lakeside cottage in Michigan.  I’m drawn to its characters and culture.  It’s a sweaty, gritty, oddball lot.  There’s facial hair in lengths I never see elsewhere.  There are a lot of hairy, tattooed, sunburned bare chests.  Few places remain where folks are in less of a hurry.  No one is checking his iphone while you talk about the provenance of a 1970s lamp.  There is a genuine quality to the smiles and conversation that is uniquely endearing. Read more