About readyprepgo.com

Readyprepgo.com is about learning how to cook. If I give you a recipe, I feed you a meal. If I teach you to cook, you’re fed for life. Most folks who are incompetent in the kitchen or claim that they hate to cook are just uninitiated. They just need someone to take them by the hand, introduce them to technique, and empower them with permission to make mistakes.

Here’s a great analogy. I’m a certified scuba diver. In spite of being a terrible swimmer, spooked by deep water and rather claustrophobic, I made it through a full certification course in the Cayman Islands. I was able to do so because I had an experienced teacher who explained in detail how all of my equipment worked, helped me understand the science and physiology of diving, practiced basic and emergency skills with me and, most importantly, infected me with his passionate enthusiasm for the experience I was going to have when I did my first dive. I was surprisingly relaxed and confident even from my first dive because I understood what was going on.

On the other hand, I’ve met lots of people who have done something called a “resort course” when traveling to tropical beachy places. They often consider the resort course a great way to dip their toes in the experience without the time commitment. Here’s how a resort course goes: An instructor stands in front of thirty people and tells them that a) scuba diving is really dangerous b) do not remove the oversized pacifier with a hose coming out of it from your mouth or you might die and c) don’t hold your breath.  They then shove said pacifier in your mouth and throw you into the ocean, telling you as you descend to enjoy yourself.

You’ll not be shocked to know that very few of the people who do a resort course decide to move on to certification.

In general, recipes are the resort course.  For most people, the experience is so awkward and scary that they can’t really look around and enjoy themselves.  They’ll still cook sometimes but the stress usually sucks the joy right out.

The articles on attitude, organization, technique and ingredients are created to teach you how to cook in a way that is relevant, understandable and entertaining.  I want you to enjoy this experience.  I want you to stop and smell the coriander seed.  Ready Prep Go! recipes are like little homework projects.  They’re designed to teach you how to execute techniques and use featured ingredients.

You need to feed your family everyday.  I want to help you turn that task into an experience that punctuates your life.