I drank the good stuff today.

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I woke up this morning with a nerve pinching between my shoulder blades. Dammit.

Dunno how it happened. Might have done it lifting free-weights. Might have been the consequence of the heavy, awkward sleep that results from hitting the pillow after three margaritas, a half a glass of wine and a tequila shot. My neighbor threw a fantastic Margarita party on her porch last night with lots of other moms from my kids’ school. At least I didn’t wake up with a headache. Read more

Black Bean and Cheese Tamales

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Adapted from The Salpicon Cookbook, by Priscilla Satkoff with Vincent Satkoff

I just made these for the first time three days ago. I’d never even thought of making tamales before because I’d heard that they are difficult to make. However, a group of students wanted to make them for Cinco de Mayo and they didn’t care that I was teaching them how to make something I’d never made before. Go figure.

They were surprisingly easy. I also discovered that they are incredibly convenient. By the time I’d finished making them on Tuesday night, we’d already had dinner. So I tried one, declared it a success, and put them in the refrigerator. I’ve been putting these in the kids’ lunches all week. Fortunately, they have access to a microwave at school.

The black bean filling is simple and accessible to virtually all palettes. I can’t wait to play with more ingredients, however. I want them spicy and I want them with squash blossoms and cilantro and corn and… Read more

Empanadas de Picadillo Oaxaqueño

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Adapted from Authentic Mexican by Rick Bayless

I’ll admit it.  When the class I’m teaching tonight asked me to make empanadas, I wasn’t even sure I’d ever eaten an empanada- much less made one.

These were surprisingly easy.  Better still, the filling is simple to make in large batches.  With some picadillo in the freezer, fresh, warm empanadas are easy to throw together as an appetizer or snack.

Empanadas are usually deep-fried but I prefer the lightness of the baked version.  You could always opt to deep fry if you’re feeling naughty. Read more