Cranberry Maple Syrup

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The color of this breakfast condiment is brilliant magenta.  It looks amazing on top of vivid orange pumpkin pancakes but is also quite fetching on a simple slice of french toast.  The cranberry flavor melds perfectly with the maple.  Each mellows out and balances the other- like my marriage. Read more

The Foodlife Journey: Savoring With My Eyes

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I shot this my first time out with my camera at the Farmer's Market- mere days after my first conversation with Gil. This shot will always be dear to me because it demonstrated to me that maybe I could actually pull this whole photography thing off.

I want to share some of my favorite unpublished food photos with you before I sign off for the next 8 weeks. Though I’m not a professional photographer, I’m proud of these. They make me happy. When I look at them, I think, “Wow. I shot that.” These photos are an important part of my own foodlife journey. Read more

The Modern Nomads: Update

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Note to readers:  I apologize for the formatting of this post.  I’ve spent two days trying to fix the problem.  Wordpress adds strange spacing everytime I save the post and I can’t seem to solve the problem.



Our new home is quirky. Because the home was originally built on a large lot, the architectural front of the house is now the side and the side of the house faces the street. Its a bit like trying to talk to someone who is looking at something else. You just kinda feel like the house isn't paying attention to you.

We’ll be calling Larchmont, New York home in the beginning of December. After first putting offers on two other houses, we ended up in a “project” house. It was built in 1925 and retains many of the original charms of the era, such as single pane windows, poor insulation and a teensy, boxy little kitchen in a back corner of the house. The upside is that I can pretend that the tradesmen are my friends until I actually make real new friends. The location is fantastic. The community seems warm, relaxed and friendly. And we’re only 30 minutes from Manhattan! Read more